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A Plea for Help from Dr. Ronald E. Wheeler to “Drain the Swamp”

Let me just start out by saying I am a patient’s doctor. I am a principled individual and a man of faith who believes honesty and integrity rule the day. I believe in the “Hippocratic Oath” that “physicians must first do no harm”. As doctors, we need a State Government that embraces the tenets of the “Hippocratic Oath” as well.  I believe a patient should have the right to choose a diagnostic procedure or a treatment once the topic has been discussed and understood in its entirety no matter the disease but most certainly including Prostate cancer, the most prolific cancer men acquire in their lifetimes. United Healthcare embraces this concept too while supporting the diagnosis of prostate cancer with either a biopsy or a 3.0 T Multi-Parametric MRI scan of the pelvis and prostate with and without contrast. All patients regardless of race, creed, color or persuasion are entitled to a “Second Opinion” regarding any medical issue if they choose to have one. Every patient I see wants to know the percentage chance that they have prostate cancer. The patient is entitled to this information. Every Doctor has an opinion so it is important to recognize a “Second Opinion” will be unique to that doctor and will likely vary from one doctor to another regarding what is best for a particular patient. Ultimately, the patient accepts a path to care in agreement with his beliefs and understanding. A  Second Opinion is a privileged opinion and cannot be challenged by those who govern such as the Department of Health or Board of Medicine. Alternative medicine is a viable and thriving industry in the State of Florida so I am entitled to be a bit alternative in my approach (if I choose to be so) while validating my thoughts always as aligned with sound medical principles.

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