PSA blood test

All men need to know their PSA blood test value and to be accurate this must have been done within 1-2 months of a discussion or visit to our Center of Excellence (The Diagnostic Center for Disease). Ideally, this number must be less than 1.0 ng/ml to be healthy!



Serious patients will want to visit with one of our “patient advocates” regarding a scheduled visit that includes a Physical exam, review of history and lab reports, a comprehensive Ultrasound (both Gray scale and Color Power Doppler), Comprehensive discussion including HIFU advantages with all questions answered while scheduling a 3.0 Tesla MP-MRI Scan of the Prostate to localize the disease with certainty (when present)


Test results

Review of the scan results over the phone will be most common but patients can come into the office to review also with one of our doctors. Dr. Wheeler, an expert at MP-MRI scans will read your scan independent of the Radiologist improving the understanding of the findings and ensuring the best evaluation.



(Ablatherm is the preferred technique as it is robotic with greater safety features for the patient) would be scheduled assuming there is no need to down size the prostate and a TURP (best practice pattern) has been performed. The TURP can be done after the procedure but better prior. Ask us why!


Post op care

With follow up with your local Urologist will be arranged by our team as your Urologist and our team will follow along. The goals of this therapy will be well spelled out in our “patient guide” but our expectation post operatively will be no impotency (long term), no incontinence (long term), no rectal fistula, Guaranteed certainty to kill all cancer in the prostate (based on our intellectual property) and all attempts made to minimize urinary issues like stricture based on a previously performed TURP and excellence in imaging skill set utilized during the procedure.



Our team of physicians and nursing staff will be available for you as you are now a member of “our family” and your future without disease recurrence is assured by our patent pending “proprietary” process ensuring the success we speak about.

Call or Email us today for more information about HIFU* (with an Asterisk)! Our Niche Market at HCOA is treating Aggressive Prostate Cancer with predictable excellence!